Charity project PS For You

Charity project PS For You 

My life in Africa

As Africa became my home, I decided to help people here and especially children. Describing and explaining to them how people live here is quite complicated and complicated and it would be many hours of conversation. And that's why I decided to start an FB group, and once a week I hold a live broadcast on ZOOM every Tuesday, where I talk about Africa and life here. Of course I cordially invite you there.

When I came to Africa, I found that 90% of everything I heard about Africa was fairy tales or gossip. And the reality is completely different than one can imagine and understand.

Africans are simply free people and a nation. They consider white people, or "mzungu," only as millionaires, with the obligation to give money and gifts to anyone who asks for them. They can't blame it. Generations after generation are brought up in this way. Their thinking and actions are completely different from the European or American way of life. While we Europeans have a watch on our hands and follow order and the system, Africans have somehow managed to live in such a way that they do not need a watch, because they have time for everything.

As far as life is concerned, imagine that right now, you could go back in time 30 years. What would the world around you look like? And what would your life be like? Definitely slower !!! Relaxing pace and thus less stress and nervousness. You shouldn't have 21st century technology and conveniences. People at work wouldn't send each other emails or spend the vast majority of their lives on Facebook, but would spend it like I did my childhood ... outside, with friends, playing sports, and just doing shit. ... so this is Africa.

Of course, with the difference that some of the modern technologies and equipment have arrived here as well. So it's not as big hardcore as it might seem at first glance. But even so, one must learn to live here with blackouts or the absence of electricity. Slow internet. Lack of water. Poor hygiene and dirt. Poverty. Hunger and disease that Europeans no longer know.

That's why I decided to go right here and start helping in Africa.

I opened a nutrition clinic in Africa. And I have to say that the results are amazing. The products that I brought from the Czech Republic help in an incredible way with malaria, typhus, diabetes and leg ulcers. They supply energy to people with HIV. They eliminate inflammation and infections and save children limbs that would otherwise have to be amputated.

I also opened a boxing school for teenagers and adults in Africa. In my house, I built a workout playground outside on the property, which I equipped with a trampoline, a crossbar and a punching bag. I train teenagers and adults here and we do aerobics together. I also founded a school football club for children. I bought them equipment and balloons and had beautiful jerseys sewn. Five times a week, I get up at 6:00 in the morning and go to the local football field, where I then train those interested in strength training and fitness.

I help the poorest families and give them free drinking water. I pay for several children to attend school, which costs CZK 1,000 per month. I'm handing out food. And I also helped several families financially and we started their new businesses together. For example, raising chickens for meat or eggs. Or a sewing workshop. I also bought a motorcycle that is used as a local taxi. I opened two pizzeria and snack shops, where my black friends can work for an above-standard salary.

There are many opportunities and businesses and opportunities to help local people financially. But all this has to be financed somehow. And there are damn few people who have a heart in the right place. Fortunately, I continue to be a manager, professionally engaged in MLM, which finances my projects and a modest life here in Africa.


One of the many amazing stories I had the honor to experience and see for myself. The effects of the Regeneration Gel I brought to Africa. Its effects are amazing.

A boy named Byron, who has no parents and is 17, has suffered a very serious burn from the back of his leg. His Czech patroness Radka, who also lives here, refused to take care of him and was not willing to help financially or physically and to properly treat and take care of his leg. Due to catastrophic hygienic and insufficient medical procedures, there was a risk of inflammation of the wound and probably subsequent amputation of the leg.

Three weeks after the first application of this Regenerating Gel, Byron is completely fine. And he started playing sports, running and playing football on his school team again. I'm happy to have been able to help him and perhaps save his future and his life. I took him in and gave him a home and funded all his needs and schooling.