FHG Financial Help Group & Success for Kenya


Until my thirties, I lived the hectic way of an entrepreneur. The business trip alternated the business trip. Meetings, conferences, presentations ... I spent more time at home in my luxury car.

Only the bone marrow cancer showed me a red stalk. A businessman and a choleric and a perfectionist, he suddenly became a lager dependent on his wife's help. Suddenly I have time to think about my life. I radically reconsidered my priorities and realized what really mattered. I longed for a complete change in my life. I felt that the consumer way of life no longer fulfilled and satisfied me. So when the opportunity arose in my life and I recovered from cancer after six years of hell, I didn't hesitate for a minute.

I decided to leave the Czech Republic and move to Africa. Helping others and especially children. I started a charity called KARITY PROJECT PS FOR YOU in Kenya and from the beginning I only did charity and sponsorship. But after several months of living in real Africa, I realized that just giving fish is not enough. I realized that local people needed information that was denied to them by Internet censorship, and that much more important than giving them fish was to teach them to catch fish and help them secure their future. See Africa for more information.

After a few more months, I finally found out and realized how people really live here. What is their biggest handicap and problem and what they really need. Their eternally outstretched hands with the words "give" or "I'm hungry" I would never be able to fill and saturate.

Thanks to that, I had a wonderful idea. How about giving gifts and charities to local people? Simply an opportunity for them to change their lives for the better. But how to do it and how to make it really work? You can find out more about this in the FHG Financial Help Group section.